A Stellar Story or a Spoiled Ending?

The new game, “The Last of Us 2”, which is set to release on June 19, 2020 has been leaked online due to a game server oversight.

Picture taken from Dexerto.com.

The game “The Last of Us 2” developed by the game studio Naughty Dog was set to be released on May 29, 2020 but was delayed to June 19, 2020 due to Covid-19 concerns. Recently this week, cutscenes from the game have been leaked online making fans question the story of the game. This leak was due to a hacker gaining access to the game developer servers.

From the news source “Kotaku”, an individual familiar with this hack explains how the leaker gained access to the server files when they said, “…a hacker group discovered a method for accessing the Amazon servers for Naughty Dog games using what was essentially password information included in the code for the studio’s games…Those games access the servers for multiplayer functionality but apparently could also be used to fetch files stored there”. The leaker could use this backdoor oversight to gain access to files and developer information.

The leaks contained vital plot scenes and the ending of the game. This has led fans to be upset with how the story of the game plays out. From the news source “IGN”, they reported that the creative director of “The Last of Us 2”, Neil Druckmann, has commented on the recent leaks. Druckmann has stated, “Glad this got cleared up, but there are a lot of other false rumors out there. Looking forward to discussing all of this once the game is out”.

Picture taken from Forbes.com.

With fans outraged and the game being over a month away, it still seems like the developers at Naughty Dog are trying to take this situation in good spirit.



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